This article appeared in Irish Examiner July 11th Nobody but nobody can possibly argue against the thesis that the Irish economy badly needs as much stimulus, consumer spending and employment support and creation as possible. This is particularly true in the area that surrounds Croke Park, which is a pretty deprived inner-city area that badly […]


This article appeared in July 17th 2014 WOULD MORTGAGE INSURANCE BE SUITABLE FOR IRISH MARKET By Jim Power Most sensible people would recognise that a functioning economy needs a functioning property and construction sector. After a dramatic collapse since 2008, Ireland’s property and construction sector has been decimated and although slightly better than in […]

This article appeared in Irish Examiner July 18th 2014

DEMYSTIFYING IRELAND’S EXPORTS By Jim Power   Ireland’s export statistics have become very volatile in recent times. The patent issue has had a dramatic impact on the value of Chemical & Pharmaceutical exports over the past couple of years and from month to month one never knows what the number is going to be like. […]

Growth Picture Getting Better

  This article appeared in the Examiner July 4th 2014 Following the disastrous election results in May, the Government is now under considerable pressure with less than two years to go to a general election. The most immediate issue to be faced up to is the budget this October and whether an adjustment of €2 […]

Like it or not, the budget debate is on. Let’s start by getting the sums right.

  This article appeared Sunday Business Post July 6th 2014 We are now moving into the depths of the summer silly season, with our political classes either heading off to vent at the various summer schools and/or heading off on their summer holidays. The imminent cabinet re-shuffle and the banking enquiry will probably be the […]

Many Economic Trends Inconsistent with Political Dissatisfaction

This article appeared in Sunday Business Post on 3rd July 2014 This week a new leader of the Labour Party will be elected and next week a re-shuffle of the Cabinet will be announced. These two developments spring from the disastrous election results for the government parties in the two May elections and the ongoing […]