Jim has completed projects for a varied client list from both the public and private sectors across a diverse range of industries.

Economic Analysis

Since founding Jim Power Economics in 2008, Jim has completed projects for a wide and varied client list from both the public and private sectors across a diverse range of industries. This work has been completed for both corporate bodies and industry groups.

Building on deep insights into the macroeconomic background, you will gain a clear understanding of the economic environment that is relevant generally to your sector and specifically to your organisation. This is achieved through a range of primary and secondary research tools including interviews, desk based research, surveys and data analysis.

  • Analysis of the Macro-Economic background and outlook – both domestic and international
  • Analysis of factors such as demographics, global trends, credit trends, fiscal trends, trends in disposable income, trends in consumer prices and trends in business costs
  • Identification of key economic risks and how these factors could impact on a business or sector
  • Analysis and measurement of the economic contribution of a business or sector
  • Identification of key business risks and opportunities
  • Preparation of economic impact studies for planning applications / government lobbying / pre-budget submissions etc.
  •  Analysis of individual sectors or markets

Economic Analysis

Deep analysis, insightful conclusions and valuable forecasts of economic factors at a global, national, sector or industry level to enhance…

Expert Witness

Insightful examination of the impact of past events, to support a legal strategy

Public Speaking

Insightful communication of the economic environment to engage audiences at think tanks, conferences and business events.


Economics brought to life and delivery of relevant, contemporary knowledge to improve the learning experience of students…

Strategy Development

Analysis and forecasting of economic conditions to assist in corporate or sector strategy development


Economic overviews to support Continuous Personal Development programmes